Monday, 01 May 2006
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 Friday, 21 April 2006
 Wednesday, 01 June 2005

Huh? Dont know what a podcast is? Check out Wikipedia

From WikiPedia:

"Podcasting is a means of distributing audio and video programs via the Internet that lets users subscribe to a number of files, also known as "feeds", and then hear or view the material at the time that they choose. A feed is usually in the MP3 audio format.

Podcasting became popular in late 2004 with the spread of free software that enabled automatic downloading of audio MP3 files onto computers and mobile MP3 players.

"Podcasting" is distinct from other types of online media delivery because of its subscription model, rather than one-time delivery. A series of files are delivered because subscribers want to get the information regularly."

 Friday, 27 May 2005

A shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences.
Postings on a blog are usually in chronological order and have often have comments from other users

Business's use blogs to communcate with their customers. You use blog to build a stronger relationship with your customers and bring a greater sence of brand loyalty. Customers love to see the insight that goes on within a business, and a blog is the best way to offer your customers better access to your business.



Since 2002, New York has been the stage for new releases of independent cinema, all housed at the Tribeca Film Festival. Despite being a relatively new instance, the exhibited works include film themed by playing a little more underground.

For version 2016, there is already a film that stands out and is serial, podcasting and parties for single lesbian killer. Women Who Kill  on Friday 15 April premiered at Tribeca and movie 2k  first impressions on this comedy of black humor have been very good.

It is a story created by  Ingrid Jungermann , in which a lesbian couple and Morgan -Jean shown whose emotional state is a bit confusing. Actually, they are former working together doing a radio program broadcast on Internet on serial killer .

Morgan met Simone, a girl who is declared fan of the program, start a romance and Jean becomes jealous.However, as Diane Russo has in his column in The Cut , Simone turns out not to be who appeared. Jean, leaving aside their ex jealous, Morgan warns that this girl could be dangerous.

© New York Times© New York Times

The script was developed based on a mixture similar irony that we see in  Girls , talking about a lifestyle that closely identified with New York and specifically in the area of Brooklyn.

The cast is made up almost entirely by women and by Ingrid Jungermann (director, who also plays Morgan in the film) the public has liked the story because “New Yorkers love parody themselves”.

Although the plot is extremely specific, that sometimes happens to be more universal , more people identify with unexpected narratives. The story is not specifically about serial murders, but the difficulty is the protagonist of engaging in relationships , and the director makes the link between the early months of relationship and the feeling that the person with whom you can be a potential serial killer.

11 podcasts movie you should follow

Did you kill internet radio star? If we talk about programs on film, of course yes. If you are, like us, of those still pining The Film What I tell the SER or the legendary Stardust of Carlos Pumares, the network has been offering spaces with which to fill that void. Every day, digital radio amateurs publish their views on the current situation of cinema and television series podcasts, Internet radio stations. This format, whose term comes from the words Pod (personal on demand) and broadcast (transmission), born in 2004, when the RSS technology to distribute audio content format began to be used. The big gamble by Apple and all its integration with iTunes along with the ease of updating and how similar it was the management of blogs, which at that time was getting much impact, it became a widespread format used by many content generators.

Both you are already familiar with this format -and all this information will have sobrado- as if on the contrary still do not follow radio programs on the Internet, in CINEMANÍA we have selected from the vast amount there the top 11 podcastas in Castilian on putlocker  movies and series.


Ohhh TV Podcast


They just finished his 5th season with a resounding success in terms of content and audience. This is a fully consolidated podcast that includes different sections, all related to the seventh art: cinema and television series. The programs are divided into different sections which involved each team members: . Adri, Javi Fresco, Alex and Mr. Mirindo . They also have episodes -in case and make some -summer launch contests fun and dynamic, its theme it is mainly focused on television, closely related to present and discuss the latest news from the hottest series.



The trio of Mallorca, Gerardo, Tomeo and Jesus, has exceeded 100 programs .They meet every fortnight to share and discuss the most interesting news and the latest films they have seen all his listeners. The quality of the podcast is very high, not only for the speech and recording, but generated content. They perform elaborate and direct criticism of different films, not linked to the current billboard, delving into a particular. They have a office section dedicated to answering the comments and emails from listeners.

This movie I’ve seen it

I estapeliyalahevisto

Young podcast, just completed his first season, but its members have extensive experience in the world of podcasts movies and series: Ramon Rey, known for his previous podcast Avoid this, and Adri, current member of . Ohh TV Podcast The podcast is structured in fixed sections with different names like film Rear window,where they discussed a film background, the last movie, where they criticize the latest Putlocker Movies they have seen, movies mercilessly, where eviscerate the worst films; or Best impossible, where they conduct rankings of grouping them films under a specific topic. The informal tone and the ease of the two members get the podcast is fun and addictive.

Out of series


Family podcast, where Carlos Navas (father) and Carlos J. Navas and Jorge Navas (children) show that are real devourers series. The complicity between them and the pace of the episodes get a very interesting result. It is focused on television series and are dedicated to comment today, paying close attention to cancellations, renewals, new, with a selection of important news. They hold contests and introduce guests in some programs. T ienen issue a schedule, allowing listeners to participate live like a traditional radio program is involved.

The Eighth Passenger


One of the essential podcasts film. Every Saturday issued a new release, almost two hours, where Mr. Cinema, accompanied by Sandra Take, Marc Rollán, Isaac Rodriguez and Jose Javier Rosa, show the seventh art from another point of view laden with humor and irony. The more than 500 programs leading to their backs have given them a lot of experience when presenting a podcast in a more entertaining and less cumbersome than usual waves way internetianas . Theyplay with audios film, performing “audiomontajes” and introduce actions as curious as the “trolled” where listeners have to guess what news of the program is false.
The TV Slayers

Lorena, Noa, Pilar, Valentina and Vanessa, five bloggers love with the series, meet regularly to create a high quality podcast. Its aim is to discuss the world of the series and criticize intelligently and acid surrounding the outlook television. Like other podcasts are more general sections as premieres, renewals, cancellations and news; but also feature original section as Gossips Girls, where they talk about gossip; or Women in VOS, where they initiate a debate from a scene of a series.The Kryptonian


Although audio quality is not your forte, the five Kryptonian, Ajra, Aune, Kaori, Reaper and Sivra, bring us a weekly critique of the last movie you have seen and a vision of very light – hearted film scene. One of its strengths is They are sharing the contents are intended for a wide audience: from those who go to the movies occasionally to entertain even the freaks who want to know the details and hidden stories.


Enjoyable and practical, each episode of this podcast divides his time equally between movies and series. The section is themed films and collections held it under a specific topic. In the section series, they prefer to thoroughly analyze a series. It does not focus on today, but its format and 150 episodes get a standard entertainment and very high information. They also have special as Podserialwhere only keep section series; or music movies, where they share with their listeners a file with music of legendary films of cinema.
I shot JR


Really young podcast, you only have 4 episodes, but has very high expectations generated level series, especially for the quality of its contents . His two collaborators, McGuffin and Critical mass , are two very experienced bloggers in the world of film and television series. Entitled I Shot JR comment on any fact in the universe of the series for the small, trying from news current to monographic series with some añitos.

Balls as you can

you depelotascomopuedas

The only podcast focused on criticizing the worst films of the cinema, or “cinema of shit”, as Jorge Suarez and Isaac Rodriguez, its two creators, as cataloged .Taking advantage of this situation, they criticized mercilessly and with much irony, films with lower scores Network. Each episode is intended for a film but thanks to his acid humor and continuous comparisons with other films and series, entertainment is assured.


When Ving Rhames


Madrid station program (and pirate) Radio Carcoma , just recorded delivery 120.Three friends, Victor Olid, Jonatan Dominguez and Michael Cope I , one of them works as a projectionist in a cinema of the capital they speak without mincing words and quite brazen about movies they have seen during the week. Here it fits everything from palomitero cinema dvd titles published directly on the best new releases valued by critics. That homenajeén one of the great action movie4k laborers in the podcast title is a gesture that shows personality. The audio quality is inversely proportional to judgment and grace of its speakers, I must say.

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