Since 2002, New York has been the stage for new releases of independent cinema, all housed at the Tribeca Film Festival. Despite being a relatively new instance, the exhibited works include film themed by playing a little more underground.

For version 2016, there is already a film that stands out and is serial, podcasting and parties for single lesbian killer. Women Who Kill  on Friday 15 April premiered at Tribeca and movie 2k  first impressions on this comedy of black humor have been very good.

It is a story created by  Ingrid Jungermann , in which a lesbian couple and Morgan -Jean shown whose emotional state is a bit confusing. Actually, they are former working together doing a radio program broadcast on Internet on serial killer .

Morgan met Simone, a girl who is declared fan of the program, start a romance and Jean becomes jealous.However, as Diane Russo has in his column in The Cut , Simone turns out not to be who appeared. Jean, leaving aside their ex jealous, Morgan warns that this girl could be dangerous.

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The script was developed based on a mixture similar irony that we see in  Girls , talking about a lifestyle that closely identified with New York and specifically in the area of Brooklyn.

The cast is made up almost entirely by women and by Ingrid Jungermann (director, who also plays Morgan in the film) the public has liked the story because “New Yorkers love parody themselves”.

Although the plot is extremely specific, that sometimes happens to be more universal , more people identify with unexpected narratives. The story is not specifically about serial murders, but the difficulty is the protagonist of engaging in relationships , and the director makes the link between the early months of relationship and the feeling that the person with whom you can be a potential serial killer.

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